Our expertise


We’re PowerShell and DSC experts.
PowerShell is an essential skill for businesses:

  • it simplifies the management of IT systems behind a consistent, modular interface
  • and enables administrative tasks to be faithfully repeated on a large scale and with less effort.

By automating tasks and integrating systems, the use of PowerShell boosts the productivity of IT teams, improving security by strengthening identity and systems management, allowing greater flexibility to adapt processes to the specific needs of the business.


PowerShell and DSC development and testing. We build the tools and automation you need.

Process and Practices

We help your team build better processes on solid DevOps concept and tools.


We help build the community and we help your teams be involved to find help, share, and leverage open source.

Get Answers and Advice Now!

SynEdgy limited can help you with your Infrastructure as Code effort for managing your Azure Cloud, your virtual machines and your automation.

Our Reach

We are a multinational team with International connections engaged in the community.

United Kingdom

Based in London since 2015 where we've been mostly engaged with financial institutions.


Our Newly opened Swiss Branch just started near Lausanne and Bern! 🎉
We're already active in the community with the Swiss PowerShell User Group.

United States

Keen on our expertise, we have several customers based in the US.
We've normalised working with the US and adapted to the timezones.


Some of our bilingual team members can work in french, if that's what you prefer!

Our events

SynEdgy Limited plays a central role in the PowerShell technology landscape, thanks to its expertise and active commitment to the community. We organize European and regional events to facilitate networking and collaboration among professionals and specialists.

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If you think we could help, please reach out.
You can also see us at International conferences accross the world, come and chat to us!

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+44 20 4551 2313‬

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