SynEdgy Limited offers Consulting services and works hand in hand with its customers to help driving Digital Transformation.

Based in London, UK, with international reach, we focus on Automation, Site Reliability Engineering, Platform Engineering (Cloud or on-prem), and DevOps practices.

We are convinced that Automation without a strategy often leads to automation sprawl, shifting the daily struggle to maintain automation instead of creating value. Automation sprawl hinders the capability and capacity to change, critical to businesses to adapt in continually evolving environments.

Gael Colas
The Company was founded in 2015 by Gael Colas, Infrastructure and Configuration management specialist, PowerShell Expert, and recipient of the Microsoft MVP award (Most Valuable Professional) for the Cloud and Datacenter Management.

Gael worked all roles from an IT Analyst, to Site Reliability Engineering in top financial institutions before starting consulting.

Very active in the community, especially in the PowerShell, Configuration Management and DevOps on Windows areas, Gael speaks at different events such as PSDayUK, PSConfEU, WinOps or the US PS Summit and co-organises PSConfEU and PSConfAsia.